You guys. Last night during my shift at Starbucks, I made a version of the Pumpkin Mocha Breve that was just mind-blowingly delicious—and it wasn’t just me who thought so. I shared it with my co-baristas and my customers, and the reaction was INSANE. People were raving, taking photos of the drink, asking what it was called and how to order it in the future—I explained and of course told them that it was inspired by a character in Rainbow Rowell’s amazing book, FangirlWHICH THEY SHOULD READ :)

    So without further ado! Here it is, a secret-ingredient Pumpkin Mocha Breve that you should definitely give your crush ;)

    So it’s not actually a latte, since there’s no espresso in it. It’s a “steamed milk,” which actually kind of really works, since Levi never said it was espresso-based—it also explains why Cath wouldn’t be able to just order it from just any regular barista who didn’t know Levi’s secret recipe, we’d all just assume it was a latte unless told otherwise. (And yes I realize I’m treating these characters like they’re real BUT SO WHAT.) 

    Here’s what to say if you want to order it at Starbucks:

    "I’d love a grande, NO espresso, 2 pumps chai, 2 pumps pumpkin spice, 1 pump mocha, breve milk, with whipped cream and pumpkin spice topping, steamed milk. Also, you’re fabulous."

    Finally, huge shout out to the Librarian Pirate—she was the one with the brilliant idea to swap espresso for chai. Lady, we’ve never met, but I like you a lot :)

    Enjoy friends! Hope you like it too :)

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    Mmm, gunna try if they have pumpkin, still.
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