1. "fear is the surge of feeling into a body threatened with nonbeing."
    — Charles D’Ambrosio, Loitering

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    The official poster of the 2015 Women’s World Cup is beautiful



  3. lastnightsreading:

    Megan Abbott at Barnes and Noble, Upper West Side, 7/28/14


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    Carl Larsson, from Singoalla, by Viktor Rydberg, Stockholm, 1894.

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  7. "As long as you could fall farther you distinguished yourself from the fallen."
    — Charles D’Ambrosio, Loitering

  8. horrorharem:

    "Men in Black" 1997 Will Smith

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    Mark Ruffalo continues to be adorable.

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  13. allezenbateau:

    Yo La Tengo’s “You Can Have It All” single, featuring Amy Poehler on the cover, from 2000’s And Then Nothing Turned Itself Inside-Out

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  14. iammyurl:

    By Erica Kuschel.

    If this doesn’t make you want to visit Peru, then you don’t deserve to see these pics. Shoo shoo scroll away.

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  15. nbchannibal:

    In case you’ve been living in a pantry under a rock, here’s the Season 2 Gag Reel.

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